Newest Members Falling for Judo

NgocAndTan– By Mark Hirota

Ngoc Tran and Tan Nguyen are two of our newest members, but have fallen for Judo.  Both only started their Judo careers this past July but have fully immersed themselves in as much training as possible.  They have been regular attendees at the Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday practices.  They have even attended Saturday Kata practice, which is unusual for students that are just trying to get a grip on Judo.  Practicing Kata for beginners can be daunting and intimidating.  No so for these two.  Ngoc likes going to Kata practice because, “it helps me build a foundation and get better.”

Ngoc Tran and Tan Nguyen

When asked why they started Judo, Ngoc replied, “It’s hard and makes me stronger.  It also helps me endure pain.”  Tan indicated, “I want to be able to know more about Judo.  It’s more useful in real life than others (martial arts).”  Both realized early that Judo is not as much about strength as it is technique.

Ichinoe Sensei noted, “I have seen incredible improvement in those two members, and realize that it is because they have been participating at practice twice as much as other members.

Keep it up so you fully understand the methods and mentality of Judo.”

With great attitudes and the effort that these two have put into Judo so far, sky’s the limit for their Judo careers.