For those with no Judo experience
Obukan provides instruction in Judo for adults and children.  Beginners classes  run for approximately four weeks.  In the beginning class you will learn how to fall safely (ukemi) and the basic principles, history and etiquette of Judo.  After successfully completing the beginner class you will join the regular classes. To find out a little more about Judo go to this link: Kodokan

What is a typical Judo practice like?
Practice begins with warm-up exercises and progresses to falling practice and groundwork drills.  Then there is an instruction period and time to practice what was taught.  The last part of practice is randori, or free practice, where students have a chance to try out what they have learned in a relatively unstructured situation.

How to get started
All students new to Judo are required to watch at least one practice before starting the beginner class.  Parents should accompany children on these visits.  This will help you to understand what goes on at Judo practice so you will be more sure if you really want to begin studying Judo.

After observing a practice and asking any questions you may have, you are welcome to sign up for the beginner class.  Classes for beginners are only offered during the first two weeks of each month, but you are free to come and watch practice at any time.

To enroll, you will need the following:

  • Observe at least one class (if you are a new student to Judo)
  • Fill out our Obukan membership form and waiver.
  • Pay Obukan membership dues
  • Posses and present proof of a valid USJF, USA Judo, USJA or non-US National Governing Body Judo Registriation.  The USJF application form can be found at the following link:
    USJF Indivdual Membership Form (pdf) .  As you fill out this form, the Club is “OBUKAN” and the Yudanshakai is “NORTHWEST”.  In most instances, you will be applying for a “Regular /Primary” registration.
  • Have a properly fitting Judo Gi.  We can also order a Judo gi (uniform) for you.

For those with previous Judo experience
We are always happy to welcome or visitors or new members.  Please contact one of the people listed below so we will know you are coming.  You will need to bring your national organization card (USJF, USJA, USJI or other foreign national governing body).  If you wish to become a member of Obukan you will be required to join the USJF and pay club dues.

More questions? No problem. Use the contact form below and ask away!
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