5 Principles Of Obukan Judo

Obukan Judo Dojo follows the guiding principles of Kodokan Judo, as established by Professor Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo.  Beyond Judo as a martial art and Olympic sport, Judo is a “way” or a “path” of life, that if understood and applied properly strengthens the body, refines the mind, and cultivates morals. “Judo is the most effective use of the body and spirit. Judo training is to practice attack and defense to strengthen one’s own body and spirit, and is the realization of the essence of Judo. From this, one is perfected and becomes a person to benefit society. This is the ideal purpose of Judo.” ( Outline of Kodokan Judo, 1915 )


Two founding principles of Judo that are followed by Obukan Judo Dojo members on and off the mat are:

1. “Seiryoku-zen’yo”;”maximum efficient use of physical and mental energy” (left).  Written by Prof.Kano

2. “Jita-kyoei”;”mutual prosperity (Welfare and Benefit) for self and others”(right). “Judo is the acquisition of moral and physical discipline, and martial arts training. These are the three fundamentals of self-discipline. They are beneficial to the human being for the completion of the self, and help us coexist in harmony…  ”…one must always act with the goal of the common good in mind”    The Canon of Judo    Kyuzo Mifune

Principles in Action:

  1. Always be courteous and respectful: Respect is part of every aspect of Judo and is a discipline that perfects the heart and mind. Always be attentive to your Sensei or one of higher grade, respect their knowledge and endeavor to increase your knowledge.  When with one of lower grade, be courteous and treat them with kindness and be a good example to them demonstrating true Judo spirit.
  2. Coexist in Harmony”: The Dojo membership is a family, and the goal is the “common good”. Always strive for unity and avoid division. Refrain from negative divisive criticism of any fellow member, but especially of a sensei. Comments or criticism should be made directly to the person, never to others! Work to understand and appreciate the views of others. Harmony will be realized when we all invest in each other and work together, united by a common vision for Obukan and the greater goal of Judo.
  3. Ambassadors: Always conduct yourself in a manner that will not bring shame to the Dojo, your Sensei or fellow students.  Let your actions outside of the Dojo reflect the moral teachings of Judo.
  4. Goal: The ultimate goal of Judo is to perfect your mind, heart, body and spirit, by this you benefit your family, dojo, and community.
  5. Prepared:  Come focused, ready to work hard and push yourself beyond where you have been.  Always come prepared with a clean Judogi that has no holes or loose threads.  Trim and clean fingernails and toenails before practice. Girls are to wear a plain white T shirt under their Judogi. Remove all jewelry.
  6. Responsibility: This is “OUR” club and being part of Obukan is fulfilling our responsibility. We must pay our dues on time, every month. We are to be willing to help out when needed.
  7. Positive Atmosphere: Each person impacts the atmosphere of the club, either positive or negative. As we do our part to create a positive atmosphere, we create a safe environment so all can grow!